About Yellow Springs Martial Arts

The instructors at Yellow Springs Martial Arts are dedicated to bringing realistic self-defense and powerful self-development skills to students of all ages. Our To-Shin Do programs are based on a nine hundred year old martial art tradition translated into modern needs and concerns by martial arts legend Stephen K. Hayes. Our instructors have been personal students of An-shu Hayes for many years and bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to the Yellow Springs community.

The self-defense and martial arts principles taught in our programs go far beyond self-protection skills and guide students to become more empowered and successful (in whatever way they define success)


Who hasn’t thought the idea of having a black belt in the martial arts was cool and inspiring? At Yellow Springs Martial Arts not only can we help you get there (and it is a goal everyone can achieve!) but To-Shin Do students all over the world have found that martial arts training has helped them accomplish other life goals. Are you looking for self-defense? More confidence? Strategies to be more successful at work? Leadership skills? Tools for getting the most out of life? The martial art of To-Shin Do can help with all that and more!


The hardest part of accomplishing any dream can be taking that first step. We have a warm, family friendly community that makes it easy to come in and try something new. Our classes are fun and engaging, and we also have many tools to share that will help students of all ages stay focused on whatever goal they are aiming for, whether it is a black belt in the martial arts, or some life goal outside of the dojo.


In the martial arts, colored belts are used to mark progress of skill. At Yellow Springs Martial Arts they are also a symbol of success. We are creating what we like to call a ‘momentum of accomplishment’. The bigger a person’s dreams, the more daunting it can seem to accomplish. Being able to look back at all the other accomplishments in life can help. Each belt earned, every success in and out of the dojo is celebrated as a reminder of how larger goals can be accomplished. “I have done all this, so I can also do that!”

Yellow Springs Martial Arts

Students celebrating their next belt at Yellow Springs Martial Arts!


What else can you find at Yellow Springs Martial Arts?

We have classes and lessons available in the historical martial art, Japanese tools such as sword, staff, spear and many others, wilderness survival programs, leadership programs, and so much more!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!