Benefits for Kids

Looking to start martial arts training for your child?


To-Shin Do martial arts training brings your child:

  • Increased fitness
  • Improved focus
  • Confidence
  • Respect
  • A path to learning leadership skills
  • Verbal skills for dealing with bullies
  • And lots of fun while learning!

Martial arts helps you feel engaged and alive!

What better gift for a child than to have a physical activity that ALSO brings with it valuable life skills they can take everywhere they go!

Martial arts helps you succeed!

Focused, confident and respectful are words every parent wants to use when describing their child. They are skills as much as attributes. Skills that can be learned! To-Shin Do martial arts training has a clear path for gaining these qualities and assisting parents instill them in children.

Martial arts helps you become a leader!

While we teach self-defense and martial arts skills at Springboro To-Shin Do classes, we also use those skills as a stepping stone to becoming a powerful, in control, leader. Through martial arts training you will be able to accomplish what you need in life and inspire others around you. What an important skill to learn at a young age!

Martial arts gives you many tools to defend yourself!

Physical self-defense skills are important, but far beyond the physical techniques, kids learn how to be aware, be confident, and express themselves so they will have many tools for de-escalating situations, solving problems and winning friends.

Martial arts are fun!

Keeping kids engaged and entertained is the best way to keep them coming back for more! Our high energy classes and positive, encouraging environment will make sure kids leave class smiling, sweating and succeeding … having so much fun they won’t even realize all the great benefits they’re getting!