Our Instructors

Johanna Norris is a black belt, a wilderness survival instructor, and certified kettlebell instructor. She founded the Antioch College To-Shin Do program, designed to empower and encourage students to go out into life and live their full potential. She is active in bringing the lessons of To-Shin Do to the Yellow Springs community.




James Kentoshi Norris is a 7th degree black beltOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and a member of the To-Shin Do Shihan-Kai (Board of Directors). He has been practicing martial arts over thirty years, and has been a personal student of legendary martial arts master and To-Shin Do founder, Stephen K. Hayes for over two decades. His cool and calm demeanor combined with a wealth of knowledge developed over decades of close training with his teacher Stephen Hayes have created a gentle yet powerful teaching style. Master Norris uses a focus on subtle detail to peak your interest and inspire you to greater skill and success. He knows how to find just the right drill or feedback to give you the breakthrough you need. You can read more about James Norris here.